Insert Images Using Sferyx Editor


To insert an image using the Sferyx Editor (an additional editor option in Modules), follow these steps:

Place your cursor where you want the image to be, then click the Insert Image icon in the Toolbar.

(It looks like a mountain with the sun in the sky, and is yellow.)

On the next dialog box to appear, click the Browse button.

Be patient, it takes a little while (up to 1 minute) for this box to appear.

In the next dialog box to open, the Remote File Browser box, click Browse Local button if your image is still only on your local hard disk.

If you’ve uploaded the image before, and you’re using it for a second time, find the image title in the list of uploaded files and click on it. Then click the OK button.

When you click on the Browse Local button, you’ll have the opportunity to find the file you want to upload. Click on it and then on the Open button at the bottom of the window.

You’ll be returned to your built-in editor section and the image will be in place.

You’ll need to Save this section before the image is actually uploaded to the database for future use.



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