Sferyx Editor


Sferyx Editor is an additional editor choice for content authoring in Modules. To enable it, go to Modules, click on Preferences and select Sferyx Editor. Sferyx editor is a java applet and has specific setup requirements.

Sferyx offers the same functionality as CK Editor, but it offers some additional functionality, such as MathML, paste from Word with embedded images, and easier handling of tables.

The Sferyx editor requires that authors download and install the Java plug-in (see instructions below).

Additional RAM is also required to work effectively with the Sferyx Java Applet Editor.

Preparation for Using the Sferyx Editor

Instructors who want to use the Sferyx editor must be sure their system is ready for it:

  • The Sferyx editor is a java applet and requires that you have a java plugin prior to being able to use the the editor for authoring.
  • Most newer browsers have the java plugin pre-installed, while some older browsers require that you download and install it.
  • To download and install Java, go to: http://www.java.com/en/ Click on Free Java Download. Download java and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Ready to Compose with Sferyx?

The first time you attempt to compose content with Sferyx as your default editor, you will be prompted to accept a certificate. It is safe to do so! You must accept the sferyx certificate. Select “Grant Always.”

Note: if you use a Macintosh computer, you will get the certificate prompt after every log-in. Just accept it every time you are prompted to accept.

It should be noted that it takes a bit for the Java plug-in to start and the sferyx certificate to appear on your monitor. It is not instantaneous, so just be patient.

You should have a system with at least 1G of Ram or higher for efficient authoring and more system resources with Sferyx Editor. Close down other applications to have more memory available. If your system is slower, please use the CK Editor.


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