Global Actions in Grading of Assessments


The global actions at the top of every assessment’s grading page allows instructors to perform tasks and apply them to many students with a single click.

global grading options in at&s

Release evaluated submissions – will release the scores and comments of the submissions that were marked as evaluated by the instructor.

Release all submissions – will release all graded submissions to students.

Adjust the scores of all submissions by ___ – allows the instructor to award a point value to all students who submitted work at once. Negative points are allowed, too. 

Deduct the following points from all late submissions ___ – allows instructors to deduct points to all students with ‘late’ submissions. Just enter the value that Etudes should subtract from all late submissions and click on Save. Ideally, this function should be applied after an assignment is closed and has been graded. 

Add comments to all submissions – allows the instructor to enter a set of standard evaluation comments to all students at once. If personalized comments were given to a student, the global comments will be appended at the end. 

Assign a 0 to non-submitters – allows  instructors to award 0s to non-submitters with a single click. This function is only available in the global options of the grading view only if the assessment is closed. The feature knows if an assessment is NOT closed for specific students (due to extensions with special access) and it does not add 0s to them. When a 0 is awarded with this function, the submission is also marked as released. The scores are sent to the gradebook, is specified in the settings.

Import Scores – allows instructors to import scores into a single assessment via a CSV spreadsheet file (see Import Scores). 


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