Assessment Details


The individual assessment’s page provides information on how each student performed in it.

Only graded and released submissions are included. If any submissions are not yet graded and released, they will not be listed in the gradebook

Assessment Details

At the top of the page, you can see details on the assessment, such as point value, its status and its availability dates. 

Details on Assessment

Export Grades for an Assessment

To export the grades of students for this assessment, click on Export to CSV. If you teach more than one section in the same site, you can select which section’s scores to export for a specific assessment, and then click on Export to CSV.

Export Assessment Grades

Assessment Grades 

The next section lists details about each student’s best released submission — when they submitted it, if they have reviewed your feedback, and their score. You also see information on their status (enrolled, dropped or blocked), and their section. Blocked students are listed after enrolled students, and dropped students are listed at the bottom of the list. 

Use the Prev or Next buttons to navigate to another assessment (listed in your roster) and review your students’ performance, or click on Return to go back to the main gradebook page.

assessment grades

Grade Submissions from the Gradebook

To access a student’s graded submission, just click on the ‘graded’ icon to the left of a student’s score (see screen shot above). You will be taken to the submission in Assignments, Tests and Surveys or Discussions. After you regrade it and click on Done, you will be returned to the gradebook. 

If you allow multiple tries in an assessment, you can access all submissions for it from the gradebook. Click on the title of the assessment in the Overview page of the gradebook, and then click on “View or Grade All Submissions”. 

view or grade all submissions

This will allow you to view all student submissions for the assessment – graded, released or unreleased, and in-progress. From this view, you can enter or adjust scores for student submissions and release the scores. You may also click on the graded icon to go to a student’s submission to review it, add feedback and a grade. 

grade and release assessments from the gradebook

When entering or adjusting scores from the gradebook, the scores are updated in AT&S or Discussions at the same time, automatically.