Itemized Grades


In this section of the gradebook, you have a breakdown of all the released scores per assessment for each student.

At the top of the page, a summary serves as a reminder of your settings. You can see what scores you have chosen to display to students (released only or all assessments), as well as the total points possible for the course, and the average score of the entire class (includes only submitters with graded work). 

itemized grade summary

You can also see the students’ total score out of the total possible. The score and total possible reflects released only or all assessments, based on your setting under Grade Options. The scores also reflect extra credit, and any other values you may have enabled, such as boosting of overall grades, dropping low scores, or weighted categories. 

class grades by assessment

To go to an assessment for more details, click on its title on the header. You can also mouse-over and see the full title of the assessment and the points it’s worth.

assessment details popup

To view all of an individual student’s grades, click on the student’s name. 

Navigating Through Class Grades

By default, you can view the scores of five (5) assessments. Use the arrows to navigate to the next or previous five, and to go all the way to the end or the beginning. 

navigate through assessment scores

In addition to navigating through all the assessments, you can view the scores of the class by category or assessment types

view assessment scores by type

All of the students scores all included.

Blocked and dropped students are listed at the bottom. 

Export of Itemized Assessment Class Scores

To export the scores of all the students for all of the released grades, click on Export to CSV.

export class assessment scores

To export grades for one section only, select the section in the drop-down menu and then click on export.