Notes and Sending PMs


The gradebook offers you the ability to record notes for each student and to send them private messages. These features are explained below. 

Ability to record ‘notes’ about students in the gradebook.

This feature allows instructors to jot down notes on individual students (i.e. “Mary needs extra help; gave her 3 excuses thus far; suspect cheating on mid-term” and the like). The ‘notes’ are not visible to students. 

Click on the notes icon by a student’s name to enter notes for him or her. You can see if you’ve added notes for a student as the icon changes slightly to indicate content (text).

record notes about students

Access to view, edit, or add “notes” for students is conveniently available in ALL gradebook views where you see student names. In the individual student page, a link to notes is at the menu. A date stamp and the name of the instructor who added or updated the notes last is shown.

If you’ve recorded notes for students, they will be included in the CSV exported files. This allows you to have an external backup of all of your notes along with the grades for your classes.

Ability to send Private Messages to students directly from the gradebook

As you review students’ performance in the gradebook, you may need to send them a private message (PM) to praise them on their work or to alert them for missing work.

You now have the ability to send Private Messages to students from every page in the gradebook: detailed assessment view, itemized grades, overall grades, and the individual student views. Just click on the mail icon to the right of a student’s name and send them a private message.

Send private message

The private messages that you send can be found in your “Sent” folder under Private Messages and in the student’s Private Messages in-box.