Marking Discussions as Read or Unread

Mark All As Read

If you have fallen behind in keeping up with a discussion board, using the Mark All As Read feature allows you to clear everything, and make a fresh start with any new discussions from that point forward. 

Click on the Mark All As Read link at the top menu of Discussion and Private Messages to remove the ‘new’ status of all topics and forums.

The salmon color on forum folders and topics will be removed, even if you haven’t yet read them. When you return to the Discussions area, any newly-added topics or replies will be shown as new. 

Mark as Unread

By design, when you enter a topic to view it, it is considered as having being read, and the ‘new’ designation (salmon color) is removed. If you need to return to the topic and follow up with a poster later, you may want to mark is as “unread” so that it stands out. Another option is to bookmark it, using the Bookmark feature. 


If there are several topics that you’d like to highlight and return to later, you can check them to select them and click on Mark as Unread.

Mark As Read

If you have set your preferences to receive email notification when new topics and replies are posted, you may not need to open and read some topics, as you read them in your mail client’s in-box. In this case, you can check the topics to select them and click on Mark As Read. 

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