Adding a Module

  1. Click on the Author… link at the top of the Module page.
  2. Click the Add Module link.
  3. Define the properties of your module, by completing the fields (see screen shot).

module properties

4. Add open and due date for your module in the fields provided. This controls when your module will open and when it is due. If you do not add an Allow Until date, the module will close on the due date. You may also choose to hilde a module from your students’ view until the open date arrives. To do so, check the ‘hide until open’ box.

The Allow Until date option allows you to leave your modules open for further review beyond the due date. The Allow Until date is typically AFTER the due date. Most instructors leave their modules open for the whole term. For example, you may have specific due dates for your modules to pace students, but make the Allow Until dates at the end of the term. If you’d rather not use the Allow Until feature, don’t enter any Allow Until dates. Leave the field blank. The modules will close on the Due Date.

When you are finished defining these properties, you are ready to add content to your module.

5.  Click on Add Content Sections to begin adding content to your module. You can compose content with an editor, link to a website or upload a file.

If you click on Add, the module will be added (with no content), and you will be taken to the main Author list page. You can return to the module later to add content sections.

Defining Module Properties

  • The module title needs to be at least 1 character long.
  • Titles can be a combination of letters and numbers.
  • The description of the module should be less than 500 characters.
  • Keywords for the module should be fewer than 250 characters. They should be words or phrases, separated by commas if necessary. They will be used for keyword searches when that feature is implemented.
  • Set the Open and Due Date for the module using the calendar widget. Set the time first, then click on the date. Clicking on the date closes the widget, so if you don’t do it in the correct sequence, you’ll have to open the widget again and do it right. You may also include an Allow Until Date (grace period).
  • Leave the Open and Due Date boxes empty if you want your modules to be open-ended and available throughout the entire term. Or make the Allow Until date the last day of the term, and the modules will have suggested due dates to pace students, but they will be available for them to return back to them, or read them later, as they are able.

Add start and stop dates to Schedule tool

Dates are optional. If you don’t include any, your modules will be open all the time for your students. You may also choose to add the open and due dates to the schedule from this view as well. Check the box that is available below the dates.  

Note: The schedule tool MUST be enabled for this option to be available for you to check.


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