Archiving and Restoring Modules


You can remove a module from your and your learners’ list by archiving it.


You may have many reasons for removing one or more modules from the active list of modules. It could be that you want to reveal material to students as the term progresses. It could be that you will not be using a module in the current term but you do not wish to delete it. When you want to make modules invisible but not delete them permanently, you want to use the Archive feature.

How to archive modules:

  • On the Author View page, click the checkbox located next to the module title you want to remove from the current list of active modules.
  • Then, click the Archive link located at the menu bar.
  • A confirmation message will alert you that the chosen module is archived.

Note: Only modules can be archived. You cannot archive single sections of a module.

To restore an archived module, follow these steps:

  • Click the Restore icon at the menu bar.
  • A list of the archived modules is displayed, along with their deactivation date and time. By default, the modules are sorted by “Date Deactivated”.
  • Click the checkboxes located next to the archived modules to select them. You can select and restore to the active list more than one module at a time. Click on the top checkbox to select and restore ALL the modules back to active.



  • Click Restore to complete the operation.
  • You may also delete archived modules from this view.



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