Deleting Module Sections


You can delete one or more sections at a time. You can also delete both modules and sections at the same time.

  • On the Author View page, choose the sections (and modules) you want to delete by clicking the checkbox left of the item title.

    If you only see modules, remember that you can expand any module by clicking on the little black arrow next to the module title, or expand all modules by clicking on the two-headed arrow at the top of the list.

    Then, click the Delete link at the top of the window.

  • A Deletion Warning asks you to confirm the delete action (not recoverable!). When you delete a module, all its sections and related uploaded files get deleted as well.

 delete warning

  • If you are sure, click Continue to delete the module. If you are not sure about continuing with the deletion, click Cancel to abandon the process and return to the Author View page.
  • A confirmation page lists the module that you deleted.

delete confirmation

  • Click Return to Modules to return to the updated Author View page.


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