Editing Sections of a Module


While on the Author View page, expand the module list to show all its sections (that is if your view is not set to expanded mode by default). Then, click on the title of the section you want to edit. You are directed to the Edit Section page.

While editing your content, be sure to save frequently using the Save button.

On the Editing section… page, you can change the following information:

  • Section title
  • Instructions
  • Modality
  • Content

You CANNOT change the method for creating content. In other words, if the section was originally created using the content editor, you can change the contents within the editor, but you can’t switch this section to be a link to a URL.

After editing the section, complete the process:

  • Click Save to save the edits.
  • Click Preview to view how the content will be displayed for students.
  • Click Add Another Section to save the edits and add another section.
  • Click Finish to save the changes to the section and return to the Table of Contents module list.
  • To Delete a section, return to Author View, check the section, and click on Delete.

Co-Authoring Tip: It is suggested that only one instructor make changes to a module at a time. If you will co-author content, establish regular authoring times with your partner or split modules.

You can navigate from a module’s edit screen to the first section by clicking on the Edit Section Link.

You can navigate through all the sections of a module (back to back) to edit them or review them in author view by clicking on the “next” and “previous” links. See screen shot below.

These new edit links help you navigate through the sections of “one” module only to edit them. When you reach the last section of a module, you need to click to the Table of Contents to choose another module.


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