Viewing the Modules Table of Contents


Collapse All

When you look at the list of modules, you’ll notice little black arrows on the left next to each listing. At first they are all “collapsed” (pointing right), and you can’t see the sections inside the modules.

collapsed arrows instructor view collapsed arrows student view

Click once on an arrow next to a module listing and that module will “expand” (pointing down) to allow you to see all the sections inside that module. This is an easy way to go to a section: expand the module and click on the section title.

 expanded arrows instructor view expanded arrows student view

Expand All

You can expand all of the module listings at once by clicking once on the double-headed arrow at the top of the list. This makes it quite easy to see at a glance what sections are inside which modules.

When you exit the modules page, the modules list automatically defaults back to the collapsed view, so you’ll have to expand again if you like that appearance.

expand all arrow collapse all arrow


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