Importing and Exporting Modules


You may need to export/import your modules for various reasons. At the beginning of a new term, you’ll want to import your modules from a previous site so you don’t have to re-do all that work over again. You may want to share your files with a colleague. Or you may want to keep a backup copy of your modules. You can export them and save them on your desktop.

There are two ways to handle module import/export from one site to another. The first way is to use Import/Export from the Manage area. Another way to import modules into a different site involves Import from Site, found in the Site Info tool.

From term-to-term roll-overs, the preferred and faster method is to use Import from Site.

Both methods are explained below.

Import Modules with Import from Site

To import your modules from one site you own into another site you own, you can use the Import from Site feature. This is the same method you use to import other tools in the system, such as discussions, resources, syllabus, and more. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to export the modules first. 

To do so:

  • From the left nav menus, click on Site Info
  • From the links at the top of the window, click on Import from Site


  • Check the box for the site where your materials are (old site) and click Continue


    Reuse Material from Other Sites

  • Check the modules box (and any other items you may want to import from this site) and click Continue

Check box next to Modules to import

After a short wait while the system is working (be patient), you’ll be returned to the Site Info window. Go to your Modules page and the imported modules will be at the bottom of the list, under any previously existing modules. You can now sort them into place, set their Start and End Dates, delete any you don’t want, etc.

Export Modules

Use this export/import method if you want to save a backup file of your modules, or if you want to share them with a colleague. Also if you only want to export a few modules, not all in the site, use this method.

This export functionality exports all of your modules and sections into an IMS Content Packaging (CP) zip file that you can import into your next term’s site or other system that supports IMS CP.

To export your modules, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Import/Export link at the menu bar in Author view.
  • Choose what to export (all, one, or several modules)


    Note: Choose IMS Content Package format if you want to import into another ETUDES site (NOT SCORM).


  • Click on Export.
  • When you export here, what you are exporting is a ZIPPED folder with your chosen modules in it. Save this zipped folder in a convenient location. This is all you need to import the information into a new place.
  • You DO NOT need to open, unzip or view inside the folder. However, if you want to see the files, you’ll need to UNZIP the folder. (WinZIP on a PC or UnStuffIt on a Mac are two programs that will unzip files.)

exported modules on desktop

  • If you unzip and open the folder, you’ll see several documents plus a folder of resources. Inside that resources folder are all your module/section pages, identified and in html format. It is not recommended that you alter this package. You can save it if you want. You won’t need this unzipped folder or files for import.

what's inside the  exported resource folder

  • You can import the zip file into the Modules of another site you own or share it with a colleague if you so desire.

Import Modules  

If you want to import modules you’ve exported from another site, it is a simple thing to do:

  • Click on the Import/Export link at the menu bar of the Author view.
  • Browse (in the box provided) to find the folder you exported from the other site. Then click on Import.


    import module window

  • The files will be import and placed at the bottom of the list under any existing modules. Sort them as explained in the Manage Modules section. If there are modules that were imported that you don’t want, you can delete them as explained in the Delete Modules section.


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