Module Licensing Options


When you create a section, you are asked to select a license for your content.

Assigning a license to content is optional, but it is a good idea to assign the proper license to your material. Each section (associated with a resource) within a module can have a different license. For example, if you create a text-based section from your own material, you may want to assign it a Copyright of Author license. Then, in another section of the same module, you may include a PowerPoint presentation supplied by your textbook editor. For that section you may use the Fair Use Exception copyright. If a course has co-instructors, each instructor can copyright their own material separately.

copyright status options

Four licensing choices are possible for sections. They are as follows:

Copyright of Author

Any material that is published online is automatically copyright-protected. No one other than you, the author of the material, can use, modify or sell your content, whether you included a copyright notice or not. If you select the copyright option, the system will add the copyright notice on the footer of your module. To retain full copyright of your content, select “Copyright of Author” from the drop-down list. Fill in the license holder name and license year boxes and click on Add to finish.

A copyright notice, your name, and year will appear at the footer of your section.

Public Domain

This option should be selected if you choose to dedicate your content and digital materials to the public domain. To dedicate your content to “Public Domain,” select the “Public Domain” option from the drop-down menu. You can add name and year, but it is not required. Click on Add to complete the section.

Fair Use Exception

“Fair Use Exception,” should be selected when you do not own all the content of a section that you will publish, and therefore cannot claim copyright or share it. However, the material is subject to fair use exception when used for educational purposes with a restricted number of students for a term.

Creative Commons License

Select this option if you wish to keep the copyright for your work, but wish to allow others to reuse your materials. You have the option to select whether others can modify your materials and where they can use it for commercial purposes. If you choose the “Creative Commons” license, a form is displayed asking you select the terms and conditions of use for your materials:

  • Allow Commercial use of work? Yes/No
  • Allow Modifications of your work? Yes/No/Share Alike
  • Fill in the License Holder name and license year
  • Click on “Add” to finish the section

creative commons copyright options

 If you need to better understand the specifics of each license type, click the small green Question Mark icon next to the “Copyright Status” field for a detailed description of the different licensing options.

If you’re not sure which copyright you want or should use, you can leave it at “I have not determined copyright status yet” and change it at a future time. When you’re ready to assign copyright, just edit your section, making your choice, and save it.

Setting your Default License Preference

Content authors can set their default license and terms of use for their content sections.

This is set under Modules >> Preferences. When adding new content, the default license will be pre-populated, saving you time if you have a preference as to what license to assign to your content. Please remember to change the license for material of others that you have received permission to use.

Setting or Modifying your License Across all Modules at Once

This feature is under Preferences in Modules. Here is a screen shot from Etudes 101.

Click on the link and accept that you wish to continue with this change.


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