Manage Module Resources


Handle tasks such as uploading many files at once, adding resources and links or deleting unnecessary files.

If you upload or add links to more than 30 resources, you will get a drop-down menu with pagination options.

Manage Content

Manage Content allows you to upload files, create links to URL addresses, preview previously uploaded files, and delete content items. You can create up to 10 file uploads or URL links at a time. The advantage of using this method to upload files or create links is that it is MUCH, MUCH FASTER than creating these items one at a time. Once files have been uploaded or URL links created, you can easily use these resources when you’re creating your module sections.

How to Manage Your Content

In Modules, click on the Manage link at the top of the window



Click on Manage Content link in the Managing options… area

Under New Item, choose to add File Upload or Create URL

Choose the number of items to upload – anywhere from 1 to 10 at a time

When the next box appears, fill in the correct information: either browse your local computer to identify the files you want to upload, or type in the correct URL addresses and titles (required) for web pages you want to upload.



Click Continue at the bottom of the page to upload your files or create your URL links.

The items you just created will now be listed in the bottom portion of the page.



Notice they are in Type order. The screen shot shows the URLs above the file uploads. You can sort type to show the other way around.

Notice the titles are links. When you click on the title, it opens in a new window so you can preview – either the file or a URL.

Delete a Content Item

You can delete a content item by clicking the delete link in the right column of Manage Content.

You will get a confirmation box. If the item is currently being used in a section, there will be a warning that the item is IN USE. If the item is not currently in use, you’ll get a confirmation box without the warning. In either case, click on Continue to delete the item or Cancel to leave it in place.

Use a Content Item

You will use the uploaded files and/or URL links when you create your content sections. For example, if you’ve uploaded several images, then when you go to add your images into your content, they are already uploaded onto the server, saving you the time (and effort) of uploading them one at a time.

If you want to add a link to a web page, that link is already created. All you need to do is to click it in the list of content items, choose to open it in a blank window, and you’re done.


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