Printing Modules


Click on the Print icon located to the far right of the module title to print out a copy of the entire module.

When you click on the print icon, it pulls together all the content sections of your module into one HTML document that you can then send to your printer. Simply click on the Print icon on the top of that page.

Note: If you’re on a Mac computer, you can also save this document in PDF format, directly from the Print dialog box. If you have Acrobat Writer on your PC, it will also allow you to save the module as a PDF file.

You can disallow the printing of modules, if you want, it does not affect instructor’s ability to print. Even if you turn off this feature, your students can still use the Print function of their browser to print your module sections, one at a time. This is time-consuming for students, so it is probably not a bad idea to leave the printing of modules function enabled. The printing feature is set under Modules >> Preferences, should you decide to disable the default for some reason.