Granting Special Access in Modules


You may modify the access dates of a module for one or more students to accommodate special needs (i.e. extend the close date or grant earlier access to modules).

The special access functionality in Modules is located to the right of dates.

Special access feature

Click on the Special Access icon to grant unique access rights to a module for one or more students. Then, click on Add and select the name of the student. Change the open and / or close dates, as desired. Save your changes.

The icon next to each module will show you if you have granted special access privileges to one or more students. If students have been granted special access privileges in a module, the special access icon will have a magnifying glass, indicating that you can click on it to view the permissions. If the special access icon has a green add sign, it means that there are no permissions assigned for that module and you can click on it to grant special privileges.