Organizing Content Sections


Take a look at a textbook’s table of contents. They are often organized into chapters. Inside a chapter are several topics. Some of those topics may have subtopics; maybe even more than one level of subtopics, breaking up content.

Your modules area is organized in the same way. There are modules (chapters/ weeks) and sections (topics). Just as the book has subtopics, you can create subsections within sections. An example of this organizational chart is below:

10 levels of subsections possible

There can be ten levels of subsections within a single section. That’s not ten subsections, that’s ten levels of indents.

Organizing your content sections by sub-sections helps your students see the relationship of your content in the main table of contents (home page of Modules) and in the home page of each module.

how to create subsections

Check the boxes of the sections that you want to indent, and click on the Right Indent icon at the top.

Notice there is also a Left indent icon.  You can move subsections left to raise them at a higher level.