Ordering Question


The ordering question type is ideal for assessments where you’d like students to place items or events in order.

Students use numeric drop-downs to order the items (or drag and drop, via the up / down blue arrows), as in the following example.

Order the first 5 US presidents

How to Author an Ordering Question

To add this question type, select “Ordering” when adding a question in an assessment or a pool. 

Enter the question’s description. 

Then, enter the items or events in the boxes in the right order. Your default order here is your answer key! 
(You can change the order of the items at any time by using the drop-down menus to the left of each item). 

If you need more items than the default, select however many additional ones you want by using the Add More Items drop-down menu. 

Other Options

You can delete an item by clicking on the Delete link to the right of the item.

Other options for the question include checking reason and adding hints and feedback.

reason, hints, and feedback

Click on Done to complete the question and return to the list of questions in the pool, or click on Add Another to add this question to your pool and continue authoring more questions for the same pool.

At the bottom right corner of the question page, AT&S provides information with the unique question id, as well as information as to when and by whom the question was created and modified.   

id and historical data


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