Navigating and Refreshing Pages


It is best not to use your browser’s back and forward arrows to navigate between pages in your site. Instead, click on links built into your pages. The top navigation bar includes links to course or project sites that you are a member of.

The left navigation menu contains links that will take you to the various tools. Module lessons have bread crumb links at the top and bottom of each page to let you move to next and previous pages, and back to the table of contents page, and so on for all the tools.

When you are creating content in your site, always scroll to the bottom of the page to continue the action. You may find various buttons, such as Post, Submit, Save, Done, Update, Cancel, Continue, etc. that need to be clicked on to complete the action and continue on to the next page or return you to the tool’s home page.

If you think you’re getting lost within a tool, you can click on the Jiffy Lube Logo at the left of the page title.

This is a “Reset” icon, and it’s available at the top left corner of every tool. When you click on the reset icon, it takes you back to the tool’s home page (landing page or table of contents). For example, if you are reading a lesson in the Modules area, clicking on the jiffy lube will return you to the list of modules.

By the way, we are calling it a Jiffy Lube icon because it is a curly arrow that looks like Jiffy Lube’s logo. It’s not really related to Jiffy Lube at all.


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