Site Links to Publishers


IMS LTI Certification

Etudes is a member of the IMS Global Consortium Alliance and is certified in LTI.

If you are working with a publisher who supports the LTI specification (Learning Tool Interoperability), you can add a link to their content or services on the left menu of your class and offer single sign-on to your students.

Please contact your provider for the URL, key, and secret.

How to Add Links to Publisher Content

Adding a link to publisher content or services is the same as adding a web link, but you’ll need to add the LTI details.

  • Click on Site Setup on the left menu.

site setup

  • Click on Edit to the right of Site Links.

  • Enter the title for the left menu item and the URL to the service, and then click on the server icon (far right).

Add LTI details

  • Add the key, secret and any parameters, as provided to you by your publisher.

External Content

  • Click on Done.


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