Understanding User Types


Student accounts are added onto Etudes by the Registrar’s office automatically. Instructor accounts are added onto Etudes after they complete training and get sites. However, instructors may add ‘guests’ to their sites using the “Add Users” feature.  When using the “Add Users” feature, keep in mind a couple of distinct concepts.

Etudes either knows you or doesn’t know you. If Etudes knows you, you may be a native (official user) or a visitor (guest user). Before adding someone to your site, determine if they are an existing user.

Official Users

If you are a native (“official” user) of the Etudes universe, you have an Etudes User ID that follows a standard formula and a password. Students become citizens of Etudes when they register officially with their Admissions for a course that uses Etudes. Instructors become citizens of Etudes when the get certified in Etudes and request a site – provided that they are a member of Etudes, Inc. or are employed by an Etudes client college. You can officially immigrate to Etudes by registering for a class or teaching one. A colleague can give you a ‘guest’ visa, too.

Guest Users

You can visit Etudes by having an instructor add you as a guest with an email address. Guests can be given various roles (i.e. guest, student, teaching assistant, or instructor), each having more or fewer privileges.

You may maintain your native identity and have a guest identity at the same time (two passports). In most cases, you want a single userid. A guest account can be used for a fake student, to allow you to view your site as a student.

There are several reasons why you might want to add guest participants to your class site:

  • You may want to add colleagues on your tenure committee so they can visit the class.
  • You may need to add your supervisor so (s)he can evaluate the class.
  • You may invite a guest “speaker” to join the class.
  • You might want your mother to see how smart and clever you are.
  • To create a fake student account so you can see exactly what students will see.
  • Giving unofficial students access to your site IS NOT a good reason!

It’s important to understand what guest access means and how it works

  • “Guests” are not registered in the class. They represent accounts that are not uploaded through the daily Registrar’s roster importation process in collaboration with your institution’s IT staff and our technicians.
  • You should not add “students” via the “Guest” feature. They’ll end up with duplicate accounts and problems. Let the auto roster batch upload handle official adds and drops, as per your Registrar’s office’s data. Roster updates are reflected in less than 12 hours (depending on how often your college sends fresh data to Etudes).
  • Individuals who qualify to be added using the “Guest” feature may include: teaching assistants, tutors, guest speakers, colleagues who you might want to observe your class, your help desk staff, and the like.
  • These individuals are referred to as “guests” because they are not registered for the course. However, they are not limited to only “guest” privileges. You may assign whatever role you want to the guests that you add.


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