Site Roster


Your site’s Roster displays your official class roster and any guests that you may have added to your site.

Roster is accessed on the left men of your course site.


Roster gets updated from your Registrar’s data on a daily basis. Check with your college on the frequency.

Here is a sample roster:

Sample roster

All the columns are sortable. For example, you may need to sort your roster by “section” or by “dropped” to see all your withdrawals together.  

The summary of enrollment information at the top gives the total number of enrolled, dropped, and blocked students. You can also see the total number of instructors, teaching assistants and guests in the site. If any observers have been added to the site as part of a formal evaluation process, the number of observers will be listed in the summary, too. 

Status Types Explained

There are four types of status: Enrolled, dropped, added, and blocked. 

The terms “Enrolled” or “Dropped” reflect students registered officially through your Admissions office. They can only be uploaded onto your Etudes Roster via automatic daily roster importation by campus IT staff. Dropped status is listed in red to make it easier to spot withdrawals.

Individuals listed with “Added” status are members that you added manually as guests.

Added users

Instructors cannot remove enrolled or dropped students from Etudes. To drop students, contact your Admissions. Dropped students may get reinstated, so their records remain in the site. You can remove guests.

Instructors can add guests to a class (more on Adding Guests in a subsequent tutorial).

Instructors may block students from a course site. This will remove their access to the course.

Blocking Students

You may need to block a student from accessing your site due to inappropriate behavior. The “block” feature allows you to keep the student out of the class, while you report the case to your administration. Once the situation is resolved, you can unblock the student.

You may also block students that you intent do drop shortly with Admissions and don’t want them accessing the course while the drops are processed. Once the students are officially dropped, the block will be removed and they will be listed as ‘Dropped’ when the students appear in your enrollment data as officially dropped.

To block students from your course site, check their names under Roster and click on Block.

Blocking users

Blocked students are highlighted to stand out, as blocking is typically a temporary measure.

Blocked status

To unblock students, check their names, and check the unblock function.


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