Import Moodle Course Backups into Etudes


Log onto with your instructor account.

  1. Click on the tab of the course site that you’d like to populate with Moodle course content.
  2. Click on Site Setup on the left menu.
  3. Click on Import from File.
  4. Select Moodle from the options. 

  1. Browse and choose the course backup file from your computer. 
  2. Click on Import.

This may take several minutes to complete, depending on the amount of data you had in your Moodle course and the speed of your network. Do NOT close the window during this process. Wait for the confirmation message that the operation was successful. 

You are now ready to review your content closely and make adjustments to instructions or references that were specific to Moodle. Check your content in all areas of Etudes: Announcements, Syllabus, Modules, Assignments, Discussions, and Resources. 

You can adjust the dates from Course Map or use the Base Date Feature (under Site Info). 

Lastly, spend some time to organize the sequence of your materials by weeks or units in Course Map (use drag-n-drop). Save! 


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