A Whole New Term


To prepare an Etudes site for next term, first make sure you are working with a ‘live’ term site, as opposed to a development site. “Live” term sites will have a term code at the end of their titles (i.e. SP14 or F13, etc.), as opposed to the “DEV” abbreviation.

Live sites are installed in coordination with you, your Distance Learning Coordinator or Dean and Etudes staff to ensure proper creation and roster importation from your Registrar’s data. Please adhere with the deadlines given to ensure timely installation of your sites and proper roster importation. You will be able to import content into your live sites from a development or other site that you own.  

What Faculty Need to Do Once Live Sites Are Installed

  1. Reorder Your Course Tabs to bring the new term’s sites to the front of your list.

  2. Run Import From Site to populate your new sites with content from another site that you own.

  3. Set Base Date to change the dates of imported content to the new term’s dates.

  4. Set the publication dates for your site (when you want it to be accessible by students).

Obtaining a ‘Live’ Site

  • Faculty must contact their Distance Learning staff and let them know that they want to use Etudes to teach a particular course.

    • They must provide section numbers, as listed in the schedule, along with course numbers and titles.

    • They must provide information on whether they want separate sites or all sections in one site, if they teach more than one section of the same course. This is critical for proper roster importation.

  • The Distance Learning representative will work with their campus or district IT to flag the courses in SIS and create a file of Etudes classes and send it to the Etudes, Inc. staff for processing and site installations.

  • The Etudes staff then installs the “live” course sites. You will get notified once the sites are installed.

Live term sites may be installed as early as desired by colleges; typically, this occurs about a month before a new term starts. Colleges can coordinate the time for site installations with faculty, IT staff, Distance Learning Directors / Deans, and Etudes staff.

Once the new sites are created, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions. Your new live sites will show up in your navigation bar when you log into Etudes. If you have several sites enabled, your new term sites may be under the “more” (drop-down) menu. 


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