Course Map

Course Map presents items from the entire course into a learning path, all in one page. It allows you to access and complete tasks and view deadlines from a single location. You can monitor your progress, grades, and deadlines from Course Map, as well. It’s your road map!

As instructors design their courses differently, Course Map makes it easier for you to find what you need to do. You can’t get lost as easily.

Where is Course Map located?

Once enabled by instructors, Course Map will appear just below “Home” on your course site’s left menu.

What information is listed in Course Map?

Course Map lists the following from your course site:

  • Syllabus
  • Modules
  • Discussions
  • Assignments, tests and surveys

Only materials that are published by the instructor will be available in Course Map. If the open date of an item has not reached, the items will not be hot links. Items are listed by open date or in the order that they should be completed, as sequenced by your instructor.

Here is a sample view of Course Map with a few items from each of the above course components:

student view of courser map

How does Course Map benefit me?

Course Map offers many benefits to students.

  1. You can get to tasks (readings, tests, discussions, etc.) directly from Course Map. Just click on the title of an item (if available, it will be a hot link).

  2. Monitor your progress – Course Map allows you to see what you’ve completed, what you are in the middle of, and what’s left to do:
    Completed items are listed with a green check.
    In-progress work is flagged with an ‘in-progress’ icon. Clicking on the item will tell you what you still need to complete.
    Work that is not-yet mastered is flagged with an alert icon. This reflects items that require you to achieve a certain passing score.
    The information icon in front of each item provides details on availability and other settings (i.e. number of posts required, mastery level) for each item.
    If the item is closed, the information icon  reflects its status with a red circle. Clicking on it will give you the date that it closed.
    If an item has a prerequisite attached to it, the information icon has a lock on it. Clicking on the icon provides information on the prerequisite requirements that you must complete prior to continuing to the next item in the course. When you complete the prerequisite, you will gain access to the next item.
    Did not complete. If the student didn’t complete the assessment and does not have any further chances to take again.
    Did not Complete. May try again. If the student missed the assessment but has opportunities to submit again.

  3. Stay on target with items and deadlines. See all open, due and completion dates – all in one page.

  4. Verify that your work was submitted. The submission date is recorded and listed in your view.

  5. The “Count” column informs you on the number of submissions, discussion posts, and readings you have completed.

  6. Access your scores and instructor’s grading feedback from Course Map.
    – Once items are graded and released, the score will be a hot link. Click on it to access to your work and your instructor’s feedback.
    – If your instructor has not yet evaluated your work, you will see “ungraded” in the score column.
    – ‘n/a’ is used for items that don’t  receive grades (i.e. the Syllabus, Modules, and surveys).

What does “Completed” mean?

You will see a green check if you have fully completed an item, as in the below:

  • The Syllabus if considered completed if you read and ‘accepted’ it. At the bottom of the Syllabus, you must accept the agreement.
  • Assignments, tests, or surveys are complete if you ‘finish’ them. You can see the finished date for assessments that are completed. A submitted assessment may not yet be complete if it has a mastery level that you must meet, but you haven’t achieved it yet. 
  • Completed discussions are those in which you have posted the minimum posts required by the instructor. 
  • For a module to be considered complete, you must view all its content sections. On the module’s home page, you can see when you viewed each section. The dates will be listed. Items that you have not yet viewed will have a dash.




Item icons

Below is a list of the default icons used per item. This can help you identify each item on the Course Map.

  • Syllabus
  • Modules  
  • Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Surveys
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