Attaching Files to Discussions

You can easily add attachments to your discussion posts or Private Messages. Here is the procedure, using an image as the attachment.

  • After typing the text portion of the post into the editor window, click on the Attach button at the bottom of the window.
  • Next, click on Browse and locate the file on your local computer that you want to attach. Notice there is a 3-item limit. It’s a very good idea to put a description in the box to make your posting accessible.
  • Click on Add Another File if you need to attach a second. Then, click Post to finish the process.

Attaching files to discussions

Handling of Images

Images and media files will appear embedded (inline) the posting. Other attachment types will be displayed as attachments that others will click on to download onto their own computers in order to open and view.

Upload Limits

You can attach up to 3 attachments maximum per post. The current default file size limit is 100 MB in total for all three files.

Remove Attachments

You may remove an attachment from your post and upload a new version. Click on Edit to open your post in edit mode. Then, click on Attach and then on the ‘Remove” link to the right of the attached document.

Please note that if your instructor has locked a discussion, you can no longer edit your posts. 

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