Login Tips


Troubleshooting Tips! Reasons why you may be unable to log on:

  1. Classes have not started yet. Rosters are typically loaded on the first day of classes. Please refer to your schools website for your term’s start dates.
  2. You are entering invalid login information. Refer to your institution’s website for the userid formula and the default password that they assign to students. 
  3. You forgot your password. If you have taken classes before, you may have changed your password and no longer remember it. Add your email in the Reset Password tool and a new computer-generated password will be emailed to you. The response is instant.
  4. The Reset Password tool does not recognize your email address. Either you are not yet in the system, or you had changed your password, or your institution added a different email address for you. Try all the email addresses that you have owned. If that doesn’t help, check with your Admissions office to find out what email address they may have included for you. 
  5. Your Account has old information or you have duplicate accounts in the system. Complete our “Update My Etudes Account” form. Provide your old email and the month / date of your b-day to allow Etudes to verify your identity. 
  6. You are not a new user of Etudes. If you are not a new user of Etudes, please use the password that you had established in the past. We don’t change passwords from term to term. 
  7. You have requested to add a class, but you are NOT officially enrolled in the Registrar’s Office yet. You will be able to log into the Etudes system the morning after you are officially enrolled with your institution’s Admissions. Weekends may be an exception.
  8. You are attempting to log on from an unsupported browser, such as AOL or MSN (see system requirements).
  9. If your class is over and your instructor has disabled the site, you can no longer see a tab for the course.
  10. If you have been dropped from the course, you’ll no longer have a tab to the class.


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