My Sites

Click on My Sites at the top menu of Etudes to see a list of all your sites. 

my sites link

Your courses will be listed by term, with the most recent ones first. You can also see what courses are open and available for you to access. If the term has not yet started, the instructor may have set an open date.

Closed courses are typically classes that have not yet started, and thus the instructors have not opened access, or they may be closed because the term is over.

If you don’t have access to a course or don’t see it in your list, please contact your instructor or your Distance Learning Office, or your Admissions & Records office. It could be that you have been dropped from the Registrar or blocked from the course by the instructor. 

Adding or Removing Sites from Tabs

From My Sites, you can add or remove a site from your tabs quickly. Sites with an orange tab icon in front of the title are included in your tabs. To remove a site from your tabs, click on the orange icon. It will be grayed out.

Remove from tabs

To add a site to your tabs, click on the gray icon. It’ll be added and it’ll turn orange.

Add to Tabs

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