Replying to Someone’s Post

This feature allows you to respond to a specific person’s post in discussions.This works very much like when you are responding to email and you are embedding comments inline someone’s writing. Like in email, you should remove the parts of the message that are irrelevant to what you want to comment on, and leave just the phrase or sentence that you want to focus your reply on.

To learn how to work with this feature, refer to the below tutorial. You may also view the following two useful videos. 

How to Reply With Quote (01:40)
3 Tricks When Quoting (05:01)




How to use Reply With Quote

Reply with quote is a feature located in the upper right corner of the message window. 

Reply with Quote

Be sure to leave the original message around the [quote=user] and [/quote], intact, as in the following example. Add your reply after the [/quote] tag.

Reply with quote method

After you post your reply, it will look like this:

posted message with reply with quote

Whether you reply with quote or simply post a reply, your message will be posted at the bottom of the topic in chronological order. That is why it is critical that you use reply with quote if you want to address a specific comment so that it is framed in a border, helping others see what you are answering to.


Avoid asking NEW questions when adding a reply to a specific topic. Add your comments to the topic by clicking on post reply or reply with quote to address another member’s idea. You may raise new issues in a thread if they relate to the topic or to ask for further clarification. Questions that ask of new ideas or raise new issues will make the topic unfocused. If you want to ask a new question, somewhat related to a topic but not directly, START A NEW TOPIC. You can do so in the forum’s home page. You need to do your share to keep the discussion topics focused.

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