Returning to Home

The typical approach to returning to the home page of the area you were working on is to finish what you were doing. At the bottom of the page that you opened, there will always be a button for ‘done’, ‘submit,’ etc. Finishing the action you started will get you back to the home page.

You may also click on the Jiffy lube icon (also known as the ‘Reset’ button) that is available at the top right corner of tools. It looks like this. Jiffy Lube icon

The Jiffy lube icon works sort of like the Cancel button. It is a link back to that tool’s home page (landing page or table of contents).

Suppose you are viewing an assignment in the AT&S area…. as in the image below:

Clicking on the jiffy lube, will return you to the home page.

This is a quick way to return to the home page of a tool, if you are NOT in the middle of work! You can use the Jiffy reset button to return to a tool quickly when navigating around. Otherwise, use the “continue”, “save”, “finish,” etc. buttons to ensure that your work is properly saved. 

(By the way, we are calling it a Jiffy Lube icon because it is a curly arrow that looks like Jiffy Lube’s logo. It’s not related to Jiffy Lube at all.)

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