Saving Your Work

Unless you are posting a short message in the course discussions, we recommend that you compose your work offline in Word or another word processor. Then you can copy and paste the data into the editor in Etudes and submit it to your instructor. This way you don’t need to worry about losing your data due to technical glitches, such as internet connection problems, getting timed out for inactivity or other computer or browser issues. You will always have a local copy. As long as the assignment is not closed, you will be able to reopen it to paste in your work. 

If you must work online, remember to use the ‘Save‘ function in the Etudes editor toolbar to save your work frequently if you are composing responses to essays or short answer questions in exams or quizzes. 

save often

If you are in the middle of composing an assignment or taking a test in Etudes, as long as the due date is not about to expire, you can always click on “Continue Later” and return to paste and submit your work.

For more information about test taking in Etudes, see the tutorial on Taking Tests.