System Requirements

Please review system requirements below:

  1. Computer (PC and Mac) and Connectivity Requirements
  2. Be sure you are using a supported browser. They are free downloads.

PC Users

​For best experience with Etudes, use the latest version of Firefox. Latest versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are also supported.
​Also, see: PC Supported Browsers. Tablet PC’s are not recommended, as the browsers don’t support all the necessary functions for Etudes.  

Mac Users

For best experience with Etudes, use the latest version of Firefox. The latest version of Google Chrome and Safari are also supported.
Mac users must be running OSX 10.3 or above. For more information, see: Mac Supported Browsers. Tablets do not fully support Etudes. 

  1. Configure your browser’s cache. Glitches are often due to incorrect “cache” browser settings.

  2. Configure JavaScript and pop-up blockers.
  3. Enable mixed content to ensure that you see all media used by your instructors. 
  4. Slow browser? See how to improve browser performance.