Computer and Internet Requirements

For best performance in your Etudes courses, you will need:

  • Regular, reliable Internet access. If you don’t have decent internet connectivity, you may experience frustration with slow response, especially if your instructors have posted large media files or videos for you to download and view. 
  • Access to a computer that meets the requirements (see below). Macs and PC’s are supported. (Tablets and mobile phones do not qualify as reliable computer stations). 
  • A supported browser. Latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome or IE on the PC, and latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome on the Mac. 

While you may have some success accessing parts of Etudes from non-supported browsers, including ones you might find in mobile phones or tablets, you would be risking your studies. Proper use of Etudes can only be assured using a computer that meets the system requirements.

General Computer Requirements

  • For best viewing of Etudes pages, the minimum screen resolution is 1024 X 768. Lower monitor resolutions may cause horizontal scrolling.

  • PC’s should be running Win 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. Etudes works well with all Win versions.

  • Macs should have OS X 10.3.X or above.

  • 1G of RAM is recommended. Close down other applications to have more system resources when working with Etudes.

  • DSL or Cable is *strongly* recommended. Dial-up or satellite require patience. 

Please refer to your course syllabus for plugins and other software that may be required by your instructors. 

Have a Backup Plan!

It is prudent to have a computer back-up plan in case you experience problems with your software, browser, computer, or your Internet Service Provider’s connection or firewall. Have a backup plan where you can access your course from a friend’s system, a campus computer lab, campus or public library computers, or your work computer. Technology glitches happen. Be prepared.