PC Browsers


For best experience with Etudes, we recommend Firefox. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer are also supported on the PC.

All supported browsers are available as free downloads below:

Note: Netscape, Opera, and any other browsers that are not listed here are not recommended.

Instructions for AOL and CompuServe Subscribers

AOL and CompuServe (AOL/CS) software includes an integrated browser-like feature that does not provide full access to the Internet. Students MUST minimize the AOL/CS Browser once their Internet connection is established and open one of the supported browsers. Do NOT attempt to use the AOL/CS versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer.

You must download a separate, complete, independent version of Internet Explorer. This will alleviate frustration associated with many known problems caused by the AOL/CS quasi-browser and its inherent inability to access to a significant percent of the World Wide Web.