Adding Result Recipients

Adding Result Recipients

Adding Result Recipients

Next, under the “Results To:” field, you can enter email addresses for authorized individuals who should receive the results of the survey when it closes. If you have multiple recipients, click on the + icon to add additional recipients’ email addresses. You may include email addresses of existing Canvas users or external email accounts / recipients. 

You have the option to include custom instructions to the recipients of the results (i.e. how to distribute them).

set results recipents

When an evaluation closes, results recipients will receive an email message notifying them that they will be receiving the data, along with any custom instructions that you entered during the setup.

As part of an evaluation in course “Cost Accounting,” you have been authorized to receive the student survey results.

You will receive an email containing the results once the survey closes on Fri, Oct 14, 11:59 PM (PDT).

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On the date that the survey closes, they will receive the results in PDF format. The survey results are organized in three sections, if applicable: Objective Questions, Subjective Questions, and Comments. See example of PDF file with results (Instructor name and data is fake)