Creating Surveys

Creating Surveys

Creating Surveys

A single standard course evaluation survey can be designed and distributed campus-wide. Or, if different departments and programs within your institution use different surveys, unique ones for each department, division, or school can be designed.  Once a survey is created it can be redistributed to new courses from term to term. All you need to adjust is the delivery dates, recipient of results, or observers (optional).

To get started, click on Create Survey on the right, provide a title for your survey, add custom instructions (if desired) and add your questions.

create surveys

You may choose to allow students to add comments in objective questions. If this option is checked, students will be presented with a textbox to add comments.

allow comments

CourseEval HQ features a range of standard pre-designed Likert-scale survey questions that will fit most situations. Users have the ability to create short answer and custom question items as well.

likert scale

Survey questions can be re-ordered using drag and drop.


Once you’ve added all your questions, click Save and your survey is ready to be distributed to courses.