Deleting Distributed Course Evaluations

Deleting Distributed Course Evaluations

Deleting Distributed Course Evaluations

Once an evaluation survey has been distributed to a course, that copy of the survey cannot be revised. However, the coordinator can delete a survey from a course by clicking on the trash icon by the menu of a survey from the main hub of CourseEval HQ.

delete survey

It will remove the survey from the course and any existing student-submitted data. To preserve the integrity of the evaluation process, deleting a survey from a course should only happen in the event of a major error. A new survey can be redistributed to the course.

If you distributed a large number of evaluations in error, you can delete evaluations in bulk by clicking on “Delete Evaluations” on the right menu. Prior to clicking on “Delete Evaluations,” you may narrow down the list of evaluations by using the sort / filter options to show completed, in-progress, or waiting.

delete evaluations in bulk

Select the course evaluations you wish to delete and click on Delete.

delete course evals in bulk

Please be careful when performing this action. Deleting course evaluations removes them from the course and discards all submissions from the survey. This action cannot be undone.