Download All Submissions

Download All Submissions

Download All Submissions

Click on Download Results on the right menu to export statistics from your completed evaluations.

Downloading Results for a Specific Term

First, select the term whose submissions you want to download. To change the term whose survey results you want to export, use the drop-down menu provided at the top of the page. By default, the current term in your Canvas is listed.

choose term

Then, click on the download icon to the right of a specific survey to export a spreadsheet of all submission data for all evaluations that used the survey in the term. This feature allows you to download raw answers for each survey question, across all the courses that used it. (see sample screen shot)When downloading submissions, you have the option to export the data with the actual textual responses or you may export the data with numeric equivalent values for the responses to the standard Likert-scale questions used in the survey. The latter allows you to analyze the results easy in Excel or other programs.

 Previewing Distributed Surveys

The integrity of surveys at the time of distribution is always preserved. To see which survey version was used for a specific set of submissions, click on the ‘view’ icon.

preview survey used