Download Results for Instructors

Download Results for Instructors

Download Results for Instructors

This feature allows you to consolidate the survey results for all of an instructor’s courses into one PDF file and download it onto your desktop. 

To access this functionality, click on Download Results on the right menu. 

Make sure you are in the right term. By default, the current term in your Canvas is listed. You can change it using the Term drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

You can now download the results of all of an instructor’s surveys in 3 steps:

download instructor results

  1. Select the Survey that was used for the instructor’s courses.
  2. Select all the courses for the instructor.
    When selecting courses, click inside the “Courses” text field. The available courses that used the selected survey will be displayed. Find all the courses of an instructor. Click on each course to select it. You may hold down the CTRL key  to keep the list open and find and select courses. To narrow down the list to a specific subject, just type the first few letters of the subject (i.e. MATH, ENGL, etc. or a section #).
  3. Click on Download. The PDF will be downloaded to your computer.

The system administrator can also download the results of a course survey by clicking on the “Download PDF with Results” button available on the Dashboard menu of a course. This function (button) is only available after a survey closes.

download pdf results