Adding Observers

Adding Observers

Adding Observers

The application allows you to add observers to courses for a specific period of time for the purpose of a course observation. Observers must have accounts in the LMS prior to being added to a course for an observation. Typically, one observer conducts a classroom evaluation, but more can be added, if needed (i.e. peer, department chair, etc.).

add observers for classroom visitation

When observers are scheduled for a course, they get an email message (on the email they have registered in Canvas), informing them that they were added to a specific course. When the close date arrives, they are removed from the course, automatically.  Coordinators have the option to include custom instructions to observers. If included, these instructions are embedded in the email notification that observers receive.

Sample message notification to observers:

As part of an evaluation, you have been scheduled to observe course “Intro to Biology” from Thu, Oct 13, 8:00 AM through Fri, Oct 14, 11:59 PM (PDT)

You will be added to the course as an “observer” for that period.

This message was sent from CourseEval HQ.

Observers are limited to the permissions of the ‘observer’ role of Canvas LMS that allow them to view what is happening in a course without interrupting the flow of daily course communication and activities.