Resending Results

Resending Results

There may be times that a results recipient didn’t get the email due to spam blocking or simply misplaced the PDF file. You can resend the results to them.

To resend the results to authorized recipients, go to the Dashboard of CourseEval HQ, find the course survey, click on the mail icon on the menu.

mail results

From this view, you may change the original results recipient(s) or add additional email addresses, separated by commas. You can also send the results to teachers. 

resend results options

Click on Send. The mailing action is instant. 

This resending of results option is available only after an evaluation is closed.

In addition to sending the results to authorized individuals, the system administrator can also download the results of a survey by clicking on the “Download PDF with Results” button available on the Dashboard menu of a course. This function (button) is only available after a survey closes.

download pdf results

The filename format for the results is “Eval-Results_TERM_CourseTitle.pdf”.