Taking a Survey as a Student

Taking a Survey as a Student

Taking a Survey as a Student

Only students can take the evaluation survey. Teaching assistants, guests, observers and the instructor cannot.

Students can access and complete the survey and change their answers as long as it is still open. They are informed about the progress of the survey, days remaining before it closes, how many questions they have not yet answered, etc. A graph helps students see visually how much of the survey they have completed.

Custom instructions, if included by the Coordinator, are presented to them at the top of the survey, along with a clear statement on the anonymity of their answers.

student view

Additionally, students are informed about next steps, at the bottom of the survey page.

Next steps for students

If multiple surveys are open in a course, information is provided about that in the “What’s Next?” instruction, along with navigation buttons to progress to additional surveys. The navigation buttons are also included at the top of the page for convenience.   

Once the survey closes, it is removed from the course, and all references to it (i.e. link on left menu of the course, feedback module, assignment, and announcement, if they had been enabled).

Coordinators can preview the student view of the survey by clicking on the view icon at the menu, or by visiting the course (if the survey is still open).