Etudes, Inc. offers technological solutions to improve and support online and web-assisted instruction. 

Etudes Learning Management System

Whether you are looking for a learning management system (LMS) to support your traditional classes, or you need a robust and stable system for the delivery of your distance learning program, Etudes is the right solution. Designed by educators, Etudes LMS is geared toward maximum flexibility, efficiency, accommodation of students with special needs, and usability.   

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CourseEval HQ

CourseEval HQ is a great way to administer course evaluations online in your Canvas LMS. Easily and efficiently create and distribute student evaluations campus-wide, within a division or in a single course. 

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Adjust-All HQ

Adjust-All HQ is a dream come true for instructors!

Installed in all the courses in your Canvas instance, it offers instructors an easier and most efficient way to mange the dates and settings of their entire course from a single location. At a glance, they can see all course items with dates and adjust them, without clicking a million times, and change settings in bulk at once.

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