Etudes LMS

Etudes Learning Management System (LMS) is an easy-to-use, feature-rich platform, designed by educators. Instructors have access to all tools in every course, and they can pick and choose what they want to use to meet their needs and teaching style. The system supports e-learning, collaboration, assessment, authoring, and classroom management. 

Review highlights of the platform’s features and capabilities:




Etudes makes it easy for students and instructors to stay connected with their classes and keep track of deadlines and activities. Dashboard enables you to see at a glance what’s happening across all of your courses. At a glance, you can see whether anyone is in your classes, if there is new activity since you last logged on, such as new private messages or new discussion posts, new graded work to review or grade (if you are an instructor), etc.  Open and due dates and critical announcements from all your courses are also listed on Dashboard.  





Course Map


Did your students read your syllabus and accept its terms? Did they read the required materials prior to taking Quiz 1 or posting in a discussion? You can set up your Etudes course to pace and guide your learners. With its dynamic Course Map, Etudes makes it possible for students to go directly to all required work in the course. They can see everything they’ve completed, what they are in the middle of, and what’s left to do, in the instructor’s desired order. Green checks indicate the work that they have completed and other icons alert them to incomplete or missing work. Students can verify that their work was submitted, and view their score and instructor feedback on the same view.  

Course Map allows instructors to set prerequisites that students must complete prior to accessing any other part of the course. Similarly, they can disable access to all course components, except the final exam, if needed. They control how to pace students, all from one page. 


Instructor Benefits:

  • Help students navigate to course activities in the course site from one location.
  • Organize key course items into a learning path, grouped into units, weeks, etc.
  • Edit course items directly from Course Map.
  • Control the open and due dates of all items from one page.
  • Make access of course items dependent on completion of others (blockers).
  • Set mastery level that students must achieve prior to moving onto other items.

Student Benefits:

  • Stay on target with items and deadlines. See all due dates in one page.
  • Monitor progress: Completed items are listed with a green check , in-progress work is flagged with an in-progress icon , etc.
  • Go to tasks (readings, tests, discussions, etc.) directly from Course Map (hot links). Can’t get lost in the site as easily. 
  • Access scores and instructor’s grading feedback from Course Map.




  • Set up chat rooms for real-time interaction with your students.
  • Set up different chat rooms for different needs (i.e. discussion on projects, themes, etc.).
  • Set up a chat room for regular office hours.
  • Set up a chat room as a “Lounge” for students to hang out.
  • Ability to see who is online and in the chat room.
  • Visitors and guests can participate in chat sessions and discussions.




  • Flexible topic and forum management.
  • Robust private group forum functionality.
  • Sense of community with avatars, social networking options in profile.
  • Multiple paths to grading student posts, with tight integration with the gradebook.
  • Control when to release grades to students; ability to award points and comments globally. 
  • Easily see what discussions you have not yet graded.
  • Open or close topics and forums on a specific date, automatically.
  • Email notification (optionally) when new topics and replies are posted.
  • Search of discussions.
  • Bookmark interesting threads.
  • Import and export discussions.

Activity Meter



Monitoring student success is one of the strengths of Etudes. Are your students coming to class? How does their classroom activity correlate to their success? Are they reviewing your feedback? Are they struggling? Is there anyone who has never come to class? Etudes informs you of student activity or lack thereof from the minute to log on and as you navigate around.

You don’t have to shift through gradebook data and assignment submissions to find out who needs your guidance and extra support. From Dashboard, to your course home pages and in activity meter, you get alerted if any of your students are missing in action. With a click of a button, you can reach out to them and encourage them to persevere. Individual student reports in Activity Meter can help you monitor their progress. 

Track your students’ activity (or lack thereof) in Activity Meter. View all of a student’s activity in one page, or analyze all of your students’ activity in each area of your online classroom. Includes an Early Alert monitor to help you reach out to students who are not coming to class.  


Private Messaging



  • Built-in mail messaging system allows you to communicate privately with students.
  • Easily track what you’ve read. Flag messages for follow-up.
  • Ability to see what messages you’ve received and what you’ve sent.
  • Sort messages by sender to view all communication by an individual.
  • Mark messages as high-priority or save as drafts to send later.
  • Include emoticons, links, embedded media, graphics and attachments to your messages.
  • Send critical private messages as high priority. Students will get a copy in their email. 
  • Badges for new private messages in Dashboard, site Home Page and in Discussions. 




Group Management



Creating collaborative learning groups in your classes is achieved easily in Etudes through our Groups Management functionality. From small group projects, to group discussions, and study groups, establishing small collaborative groups facilitates learning, enhances sense of community, and improves learning outcomes.

Are you teaching more than one sections of the same course in the same online site? No problem. Etudes makes it easy to create private groups and give students the intimate small class feeling.  Or, you may set up private areas for each of your groups or sections, but open other forums and chat room to the whole class, for wider input to classroom discussions or for questions and answers. The possibilities are unlimited. 



Highlights of the group functionality in Etudes includes:

  • Flexible group setup.
  • Students can be in more than one group.
  • Students can be in many different groups throughout the term.
  • Dropped students are excluded from group access, automatically.
  • Email notifications and announcements can be sent to select groups.
  • Easy setup of private forums for each group. Truly private. Not just read-only.
  • Events can be set up for specific groups.
  • Post resources for select groups.
  • Groups transfer from term to term. No need to set them up all over again.




Assignments, Tests and Surveys is a comprehensive assessment environment that consists of an authoring module for creating questions and managing pools; a module for publishing assignments, tasks, tests and surveys; a grading module for evaluating assessments, optionally integrated with the Gradebook; and a delivery module for administering assessments to students.  Additionally, a test-drive component allows instructors to take assessments as students.

The Etudes assessment engine is one of ten global projects that received a prestigious Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration on December 8, 2008. 


Highlights of the Etudes assessment engine’s features include:

  • Powerful randomization of questions.
  • Customizable controls for review options per test.
  • Reliable timed testing.
  • Grading efficiency; various workflows, and global grading functions.
  • Ability to download all submissions in a zip file and grade offline.
  • Offline authoring of test banks. Ease of importing into Etudes.
  • Export and import of assessments, including publisher test banks.
  • Detailed information on student submissions, tries, dates, etc. 
  • Tight integration with the gradebook.
  • Anonymous Surveys.
  • Formal course evaluations.
  • Assessment statistics and item analysis.
  • Options to accommodate students with special needs.
  • Support for mastery learning (i.e. can’t proceed to next level until a certain score is achieved)
  • and much, much more…

Lesson Builder



The Lesson Builder (a.k.a. “Modules”) allows instructors to publish learning sequences that can be created by uploading learning objects, pointing to URL resources, and composing content online with a web editor. Instructors can embed rich multimedia, graphics, and other documents within a single lesson.

Instructors can collaborate in authoring content, which can be organized in meaningful chunks. Pacing can be achieved through the setup of open, close and allow until dates, as well as setting conditional release to lessons (i.e. must read a lesson before accessing a subsequent one, or must complete a test prior to opening a lesson).

Instructors can export their content in IMS Content Packages (.zip file format) and share it with colleagues.

Linking to publisher content is also supported, as well as importing standard content packages.




A central repository is available to instructors and students, where they can upload, store and organize documents, media, and other files to be (re)used in all their courses.  

Within each course site, instructors can publish materials for students in Resources. There is no limit in the number of documents that can be uploaded. They can be media files, Word, pdf, or Excel and other documents, or web resources. Additionally, instructors can author web pages in Resources on-the-fly, with an editor. 

Ability to create folders and manage one’s documents, media, and other course materials.

No limit in number of uploads and file formats.

Storage for resources is available to instructors and students. 




Reach out to your students with regular announcements.

Mark them high-priority and let Etudes send your students the announcement in their email.

Set your announcements to go out at a specific time, automatically.

Save as drafts announcements that you are not ready to use. 




A dynamic calendar, available on Dashboard and in the home page of all courses, shows all the open and due dates, allowing instructors and students to go directly to items that need their attention.

Students have the option to submit an item or go to review grades and comments.

Instructors can edit an item or go directly to the grading view, right from the calendar.  

Home Page Builder


With a number of design and setting options, instructors can create attractive and motivational home pages in their classes. They control the look and feel of their course home pages, as well as what’s listed and in what order. Additionally, instructors can preset their home page items to be released (displayed) automatically on a specific date and time throughout the term.

Instructors can include an interactive calendar, recent chat conversations, as well as recent announcements. Welcome videos, highlights of the week’s unit, or other motivational images and multimedia can be embed in the Home Page, and different items can be set up, in advance, to open on a specific date and time. 

Home also allows all users to see at a glance if there is any new activity since the last time they logged on, such as new messages, grades, or topics – and go directly to these items.




Post your syllabus with course requirements, course description, expectations, etc. in Etudes for your students. Author a syllabus using the built-in editor of Etudes, upload a file (or a series of documents with grading policy, expectations, etc.), or if you have your syllabus somewhere on the web, link to it from Etudes.  

Require students to read and accept the terms of the syllabus prior to accessing any other items in the course. View when students accessed the syllabus and if they accepted its terms.

Statistical Data



Etudes provides a number of reports to evaluate student performance in tests, quizzes and surveys. These reports are exportable to Excel for offline analysis. The reports provide data on how many students answered each question, the percentage of students who answered each choice, which one was correct, etc. Instructors may elect to receive assessment statistics via email when an assessment closes. 

Etudes provides item analysis reports to instructors to help them evaluate the difficulty index, discrimination index, and frequency of test questions. Instructors can compare data across courses and determine which questions should be replaced or thrown out. 

Management Functions


Date Management – Control what students see and when – for announcements, home page items, lessons, discussions, and assessments, as well as grades and feedback. Change dates for all assessments, discussions or modules in one page, without having to drill down to individual items. Or change all the dates in the site from Course Map, in one page. Move the dates of the entire course forward or back using the powerful ‘base date’ feature, with a few clicks. Pace students and save time in managing weekly units by setting automatic open and close dates to  tests, assignments, discussions, lessons and home page items. Dynamic calendar picks up open and close dates of all course items. No need to add them manually. 

Global Functions – Global grading and special access functions enable instructors to save time. Etudes allows instructors to globally assign or reduce points to students, and append comments to all with submissions or late work. 

Global Special Access – Ability to accommodate students with learning disabilities or special needs by extending the time limit and open / due dates for a specific item or for all items in the course with a couple of clicks.

Content Re-use – Import content from site to another with a couple of clicks. Select to re-use some of the content or all of it. Share content easily with colleagues, via import or shareable exports. Import lessons, test banks and entire course packages from other systems, such a Blackboard, eCollege, and Moodle. Several versions are supported. Export of lessons, tests, assignments, grades, class activity, and statistics on performance. Duplicate lessons, discussions or tests to reuse. Printer friendly formats for syllabus, lessons, assignments, tests and surveys. Print your materials in PDF to distribute easily. 

Grading Management – Powerful and flexible grading workflows and release grades options make the process efficient. Assign points and comments to assignments, tests, and discussions to all students globally! Ability to import the grades of offline assignments. Customizable grading scales in the gradebook. Ability to see grade-to-date. Exportable data. See all of a student’s work in one page (including discussion posts).

Rich Editor – The Etudes editor offers rich online authoring functionality across all the tools. Ability to embed graphics, multimedia, documents, links, and other objects. Paste from Word is supported exceptionally well. Spell checker is included and is supported by all browsers. MathML editor included. 75 emoticons. Ability to author tests offline and bring all the question in Etudes by simply pasting them in. Students have the same rich editing functionality as instructors for assignments, discussions, private messages, and tests.  

Roster Management – Roster integrated with campus Registrar’s office. Instructors have the ability to block students from accessing the course, if needed. Ability to add guests, teaching assistants, and visitors to classes.

Time Zone – Taking or teaching classes in Etudes from another state or country? Or do you have to take a trip in the middle of the term? No problem. Never miss any deadlines while traveling. Set your time zone under Preferences or Dashboard, and the open and due dates across your courses will be listed in your local time.



Etudes warrants that the software complies with the accessibility requirements of section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. 

Etudes is responsible for the accessibility of the application and infrastructure. Clients are responsible for the quality and accessibility of the content published in their course and project sites. 

Etudes is fully committed to accessibility. We ensure that new features and tools are accessible.

  • Etudes provides text equivalent for every non-text item (e.g., via “alt”, “longdesc”, or in element content).
  • Etudes does not include server-side image maps.
  • Etudes does not rely on color alone to differentiate content.
  • Data tables contain row and column headers in Etudes. 
  • Etudes is readable without style sheets.
  • Etudes does not include flickering images.
  • Etudes provides title and name attributes for frames when they are present
  • Etudes uses terminology appropriate to its target audience of faculty, students and administrators in higher education.
  • Navigation bars are provided consistently throughout Etudes.
  • Etudes uses CSS for layout and presentation. 
  • Etudes uses header elements to convey document structure and content. 
  • Etudes uses lists and list items properly. 
  • Etudes provides meaningful link phrases.  
  • Etudes uses navigation mechanisms in a consistent manner.
  • Etudes is keyboard accessible. Etudes provides support for access keys / keyboard shortcuts.
  • Etudes uses secure login authentication and strong passwords. 

Etudes integrates well with JAWS.

Etudes offers functionality that provides superior accommodations for students with special needs and unique circumstances (i.e. giving a student 150% time on a quiz, or allowing one student an extra week, past the deadline, on a particular exam). Extensions can be given to a student at the item level (i.e. test or assignment) or, at a global level, for all assessments in the course. Individual students can be given additional tries without it being visible to others in the course.  

If you encounter difficulties accessing any areas of Etudes, please bring it to our attention. We will promptly resolve any issue regarding accessibility of our software solutions.