Pedagogy Courses

As today’s learners become more receptive to e-learning, online teaching represents a paradigm shift in delivering, managing and supporting instruction over the internet. Participants of our online teaching pedagogy courses learn how to design, assess and evaluate online courses and student work, publish content with accessibility in mind, and implement appropriate teaching methodology for the online classroom. The program consists short courses and provides an environment that challenges you to rethink the teaching of your discipline online.

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Evaluating Online Courses

 Evaluation is a powerful way to promote online course quality. The evaluation of online courses involves many of the same criteria applied to traditional on-campus courses but also necessitates the use of unique criteria more directly based on the online environment. In this courselet, you will review existing rubrics and guidelines for evaluating online courses, debate criteria for determining course quality, and dialogue with fellow educators about developing effective practices to evaluate online courses at your college.
Dates: September 17-23, 2018                     Register Now!
Instructor: Margie White                                   Registration closes Thur. Sept. 13 at 5:00pm.

1-Week Class, $95.00 per user


Humanizing Your Online Course

 Taking and teaching an online class can be a lonely, isolating, endeavor. One of the biggest challenges in teaching an online course is to give the students a feeling that they are a member of a class and not a solitary learner, as if they were taking a correspondence course. We need to make a special effort to make our classes the types of places our students want to attend and contribute. During this class we will be sharing ideas to really create a community of learners and we will explore over 20 ways to “humanize” our online classes and make them a more inviting place for students to learn.
Dates: October 22 – 28, 2018                 Register Now!
Instructor: Jim Marteney                            Registration closes Thur. Oct. 18 at 5:00pm.

1-Week Class, $95.00 per user


Online Teaching Pedagogy

 Making the transition from teaching in the traditional classroom setting to the online environment often fills instructors with a range of emotions from excitement to fear. Instructors frequently transition their traditional classes to the online environment without understanding the uniqueness of online learning. This can result in a passive learning experience for students, and feelings of failure for the instructor.

In this 3-week course, you will examine how to design and teach an effective online course that is anchored in student-centered learning and organized around clearly articulated policies, procedures, expectations, and learning objectives. The effective practices that have been integrated into the design of this course are offered to put you on track or success with your online teaching. This course will help you develop your own style and approach to teaching online, much like teaching in the classroom.

Certification in online teaching pedagogy is required by many colleges before instructors can teach online.

Dates: November 5 – 25, 2018                             Register Now!
Instructor: Jim Marteney                                          Registration closes Thur. November 1, at 5:00pm.

3-week class, $150.00 per user

Certificates / Credit
Successful participants of the courselets will receive a certificate of completion. The recommended professional development credit for each class is 6 hours. Institutions recognize the program for professional development / FLEX credit. 


Requests for Refunds 

Requests to drop a class and receive a refund must be received by mail or fax by Tuesday, 5:00PM (Pacific Time), a week PRIOR to the start of the course. Complete Refund Request Form.