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For Online Teaching Pedagogy course by Etudes, Inc.
Taught by Jim Marteney

I took 3 online courses for National University when I was clearing my credential, and I hated the classes because they were so uncomfortable and all work assignments. No discussions, no videos, nada…bland and never looked forward to any of it. This course was complete opposite. I enjoyed the class and I looked forward to getting online to do my assignments, I especially appreciated the feedback. Something I plan to do for my students as well.  — Pierce College

This class has been an extremely enlightening experience. The venue has been ideal—an online class which teaches how to teach online—now I’m ready to have the rubber hit the road, in a different format, and try out the dimension of Canvas learning face to face. Thanks to you, Jim, for this great class, and for putting up with what I can only imagine being a grueling week for you!  — Pierce College

This course helped bring out my confidence and support in fully online courses. I have only taught hybrid courses thus far and wasn’t sure how effective fully online courses could be. I quickly learned how multifaceted online teaching can be, offering a plethora of methods for instructors to teach and endless opportunities for students to learn. Jim, you did a great job of showing me this, and I thank you for that! —  Pierce College

Taking this class has changed my teaching for the better, and my face to face students will benefit as well as my online students. — Pierce College

This class has been challenging, yet rewarding. I have gotten over my fear of being a virtual instructor and I am excited about this upcoming semester. I have a new bag of tricks at by disposal and I am ready to get to it. —  Pierce College

This course actually exceeded my expectations on what I would be able to take away from it. I think the most important aspect is Jim’s concentration on making the online course similar to what you would do in a face-to-face course. If an online course is created and applied correctly, it should have the same feel and quality of a live class. I never thought it would be possible to pull it off but this course has proved me otherwise. —  El Camino College

This class exceeded my expectations. It has been years since I’ve taken an online class (other than Intro to Canvas), and online learning has come a long way from the one-directional teacher to student classes of years past. In this class, I gained so many new perspectives from the feedback and experience of my fellow students and the instructor. Jim kept us motivated with plenty of assignments and reference materials. —  El Camino College

Thank you, Jim for being such a wonderful role model!! The organization of the class itself is such a great example – it makes me a little embarrassed about the really basic way that I use Canvas in my F2F – I actually found so many good ideas from all of you to use in both my F2F and on Canvas. What I really love about being able to take a class with other instructors and counselors is the opportunity to learn new ideas, refresh myself and to not feel quite so isolated in my own teaching practice. —  El Camino College

This course was well organized and included resource information that will continue to be useful as I develop my new courses – it has exceeded my expectations on what I would be able to take away from it. I can only hope that my online courses will be as informative. —  El Camino College

This was a great course! I got a lot of great ideas about how to improve my online class and I’m looking forward to implementing these improvements this upcoming semester. —  Glendale Community College

Although the course meant for teaching online, I think what I learned will provide dividend for face-to-face teaching as well. —  Glendale Community College


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